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Introducing Leak Sentry™

Leak Sentry by Sentinel Roof Technologies is an innovative solution designed to protect properties from water damage due to roof leaks. It's an always-on leak detection system that monitors changes in moisture content within the roof assembly. Utilizing electric signals and a sensor grid, Leak Sentry can accurately pinpoint the location of leaks. This system is particularly beneficial for data centers, museums, laboratories, and other high-value properties that require continuous operation and protection from water damage.

Real Time Monitoring

Real time monitoring ensures that you know about a leak BEFORE it can cause major damage to your building, property, and business.

Full Service

Full service monitoring gives you the peace of mind that we are monitoring your building so that you can focus on running your business!

Patented Sensor Grid

Our patented sensor grid technology provides pinpoint accuracy, reducing the cost and time of repair.

Project Use Cases


Asset Protection

Do you have valuable assets that would be costly to replace in the event of water damage?  Buildings with a lot of assets to protect like museums, libraries, research labs, and luxury residences choose Leak Sentry.


Continuity of Service

Would you lose money for every hour of interrupted service to your customers?  Buildings providing key infrastructure like data centers, hospitals, and government buildings look to Leak Sentry to help them protect their services.


Rooftop Amenities

Want to install a rooftop bar but are worried about leaks?  Roofs with extensive overburden that would be costly to dig up in order to find a leak like plaza’s and amenity spaces rest easy using Leak Sentry.

Types of Installations

Conventional Roof Assembly

Conventional Roof Assemblies are those where the insulation is below the roofing membrane (waterproofing).  In these assemblies, you have two layers of sensors and a conductive medium.  The bottom layer of sensors sit on the structural deck and vapor barrier and check for the presence of water pooling in that layer.  The top layer of sensors are directly on the membrane and are “listening” to see if they can pick up the electronic signal from the conductive media underneath the membrane.  If they can pick up the signal, it means there is a breach.

Protected (Inverted) Membrane

A low voltage charge is introduced into the roof assembly and is carried along a conductive element installed directly above the sensors.  If there is no breach, the charge will be distributed relatively evenly throughout the roof area.  If there is a breach, power will be drawn to that location like a funnel, and the surrounding sensors will pick up the change in voltage.

New Roof

New construction is the best and easiest time to include Leak Sentry in your project!  We will coordinate with your GC and Roofer to install our system including the fabrication and installation of the Leak Sentry monitoring panel and we will calibrate the system to your specific roof assembly!

Replacement Roof

Replacing a roof that is either old or leaky?  Leak Sentry can work with your roofer to retrofit our monitoring system as part of the roof replacement.  Our experienced installers will work in tandem with your roofer to make sure that your project schedule is on track and the roof doesn’t remain exposed for any longer than it needs to be.

Leak Sentry in Action




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